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~ Discipleship for Christian Women
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Just before these words, in verse 27, Paul reminds the Colossians that God has revealed the mystery of Christ to them and that Christ is personally present with them. This is wonderful news. We proclaim this wonderful news— both to the lost and to the saved.

Discipleship should be outward focused. We proclaim Jesus to men and women who will go on to proclaim Jesus to the world. Temptation to fight: Proclaiming ourselves. The concepts in the remainder of this article should fall under the umbrella of this first principle. The reason we devote ourselves to all of the following principles is to bring fame and praise to the name of Jesus.

We must train those we lead in the Word of God and show them how to live lives that glorify Him. But this passage reveals that our responsibility is not only to teach those we disciple the right way, but also to warn them when they are going the wrong way. Out of love for those we disciple, we must not be silent when they are living in opposition to the Scriptures.

James says to ask God for wisdom, and this is so important. We must be spending regular time in the Word and in prayer. Any time we teach or warn, we must make sure we are doing so in submission to Him. Temptations to fight: People-pleasing and harshness. Depending on your personality, you might be someone who tends to dodge conflict. For you, the temptation will be to avoid having hard conversations with those you lead out of a desire to please them.

However, if you tend to like power and control, you might be more prone to be too harsh in your correction. The goal of discipleship, therefore, is not only to make converts that make converts, but for all believers to become increasingly like Jesus. True discipleship involves investing in younger believers, walking through life with them, and shepherding them to Christian maturity. Throughout Scripture, discipleship is compared to parenting. The two have amazing parallels.

It is appropriate to view yourself as a sort of spiritual parent to those you disciple. Like a good mother, seek to nurture and love those you lead, and like a good father, seek to meet their needs and encourage them to live lives worthy of their calling See 1 Thessalonians 2. They have an ultimate goal of launching their children out. In spiritual parenting, we must think through the same lens.

Should Roman Catholicism Be Considered a Christian Religion

Temptation to fight: Seeking fulfillment in being needed. I struggle with this one, because I like to feel needed. Like a young child, those we have the privilege to disciple will need more from us in the early stages of their faith, but as they grow and mature, they should become less and less dependent on us, especially for the fundamentals. Discipleship is purposeful, fun, and rewarding. Learn valuable tips that will save time and stress. Being a teacher means long hours and low pay, and yet surprisingly, these are rarely the reasons behind turnover in our industry.

With this approach in mind, we can equip ourselves to be long-term influencers who burn bright, not out. In response, some have tried to ignore the skunk, some have tried to kill the skunk, and some have tried to tame the skunk. In fact, teaching grammar can be fun, and, when done properly, it can enhance the overall language arts curriculum. In this session, we will focus on how to make grammar enjoyable and purposeful. It is the capacity and will to rally others to a common purpose and the character which inspires the confidence for others to follow. This class is for those who hold a position of leadership or aspire to hold such a position.

Earnest will discuss some of the difficulties and complications that arise within the combined classroom setting. Topics addressed will include classroom organization, schedule planning, curriculum strategies, and classroom management. This session is primarily for secondary math teachers, but a number of games could easily be adapted for elementary.

This session will provide practical information for helping your students meet more of those weekly lesson goals you were so careful to spell out in the assignment book. Learn about some practical ways Christian Schools can meet the needs of the students that struggle. Along the way, you will be provided with specific resources and contacts as well as an opportunity to pose your questions.

Finally, hear how God has blessed in the wake of these changes as we share personal testimonies. Communication IS hard and is often the source of great frustration and immense heartache.

Yet, it is a primary tool entrusted to our stewardship to accomplish the task God has called us to do. This workshop will endeavor to equip you with some powerful and practical principles the applications of which have the potential of infusing our communication with the grace that becomes our Heavenly Father. Alton Beal, Arcadia Ballroom 1 How can administrators convey to staff that Christian education is more than a job, it is a ministry? When staff and teachers have a ministry heart, they are able to reach into the heart of students with greater depth and influence.

Jeff Redlin, Arcadia Ballroom 2 While it must be guarded, the rewards of relational leadership are profound. An investment into relational interactions with your students will have longstanding and powerful results that will last long after your teaching has concluded. Phil Alsup, Stone Theatre Math is the language of science, and yet many students enjoy either math or science but not both. Statistics can be an interesting, enjoyable tool for relating science and math, and teaching stats is not as difficult as you might think!

Teaching Boys Vs.

Models of Christian school education

This session will discuss how boys and girls interact differently with social media and video games; how girls and boys see differently, hear differently, and even smell differently; and how to possibly avoid the medicalization of misbehavior. Dan Dreisbach, Fields One of the most contentious issues in American public life is the relationship between church and state.

What did Jefferson mean by this metaphor? What role did the founding fathers believe religion should play in the American political system? We have great opportunities in our Christian schools to fulfill the Great Commission. This will provide a plethora of ideas and principles that will be beneficial to every teacher desiring to reach needy students and families.

But never fear, there is an approach that schools whose main purpose is to support, affirm, and improve your teaching staff can take. Part 1 will address the main purposes and goals for teacher observations. We will also hand out tools which may be used or modified to fit the needs of your school. Ask yourself this question, "Do I have a hunger for God? We cannot put our heads in the sand and act like our students are not on Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube, and the next social media to hit the screens.

We must be familiar with the lingo, the advantages and disadvantages, the pitfalls, and positives as we observe our students as they stare and type into their devices. Scaffolding For Success. This skill, however, does not come naturally. We will discuss instructional scaffolding for writing. I will share strategies and resources that will improve the instruction in your classroom without killing you or the students.

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We will also touch on important criteria for music selection, elements of a balanced repertoire, and resources for teaching vocal technique via choral warm-ups. They all fall short in some respect. The Bible teaches us a completely different approach to understanding what has gone before and how to learn lessons from what has already happened.

Without understanding clear Christian principles history is just a jangled collection of time and events. Goal of the class is to make clear the Biblical truths that put everything in perspective. Learn about these bridges in this session. Montel Wilder, Glens 3 Is it possible to fit all the specified animals of Genesis 6 on an ark of the specified size of Genesis 6, and does this allow all the species of our planet to survive a world-wide flood?

Help your students enhance their ability to communicate and learn effectively by mastery of the 4 basic skills of language: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Middle and high school students can learn from hands-on activities, too. This workshop will present ideas for managing the numerous tasks a teacher must accomplish with the ultimate goal of being an effective teacher for His glory.

Because we believe in the importance of Christian education and shaping biblical worldviews for our students, we intensely want to see them succeed. In this workshop, we explore avenues to pursue in helping to rescue that struggling student. Theologically, all of our students are in the image of God.

Their identities before Him are not rooted in academics. Understanding this provides another level of motivation in helping our students succeed. Rochelle Achuff, Arcadia Ballroom 2 Being a teacher is not for the faint of heart; neither is it for those who view teaching as just another job. Teaching is a rewarding ministry, but at times it can also be challenging.

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Learn how to face those challenging times and how to thrive in the classroom. David Warren, Stone Theatre Over the past 20 years, technology has changed at the speed of light. For parents and schools it is a daunting task to keep up and know how to best protect our families from the dangers that face our children and teens. More students than we would like to admit are dealing with the issue of pornography. The average age of first exposure is 12 years old.

I will walk you through some successful strategies for dealing with students who are struggling with pornography in your schools. The sheer volume of resources available to the modern history teacher should make any of us excited about being in the classroom. Technology allows us to build lessons in ways that were simply not possible even just a decade or two ago, and the tools at our disposal grow in number every year.

But how do we inject more material into our lessons without making them boring for students? How do we leverage technology in a way that will enhance our classes rather than making them complicated or frustrating? How can we foster a passion in our students for history that will stay with them for the rest of their lives? If these questions sound relevant to you, then stop by this workshop given by a history teacher for history teachers. Keeping them engaged can be a frustrating struggle.

Learn how to make material relatable for students by helping them connect the past with the present. Liberal media is connecting with our kids through a multitude of venues. In fact, it's a little like dancing through a minefield.

Are Biblical Principles Shaping Your Values?

So, be like Paul. He was apparently well informed about legal standards and used that knowledge to further his ministry see Acts 16, 22, In this session, Josh Hershberger attorney and minister provides an update on 3 key legal issues affecting Christian ministries and gives practical advice on how to navigate them. The audience will watch a teacher teach a lesson and evaluate the lesson using the tools provided in the first session. Never fear, we will even talk through the followup meeting with the teacher. An "it's not going to happen here" mentality is archaic and potentially places our Christian school children at risk.

Practices and policies have significantly changed and will continue to change. This workshop will present practical, no-cost solutions, low expense solutions, and more costly tools that can be utilized for additional ministry security. This workshop is profitable for classroom teachers through school administrators. Myths About Gifted Education - Debunked! We will also discuss many of the characteristics and needs of gifted students. Who Is The Variable? Phil Alsup, Great Lakes 4 Who is the one person in your classroom, school, or ministry you can control?

The answer is obvious Although we know this to be true, we sometimes waste energy by reacting instead of proacting. Great teachers are purposeful--From planning to relationship building, nothing is accidental. This session encourages us to be the kind of teacher who will be remembered We will explore practical considerations for choosing music for male and female, as well as pros and cons of splitting choirs by gender during these transitional years.

This workshop will focus on the fact that successful math students go beyond memorization and can really understand math. Participants will be given ways to help their students become mathematical thinkers, not just fact-memorizers. As the leading mathematical learning disabilities, you are likely to have students with one or both of them. Come learn practical tips that you as a classroom teacher can use to assist students who struggle. What is dyslexia? How can I identify a student that might struggle being dyslexic?

We as teachers cannot diagnose dyslexia, but we can help them be successful. Why are they not learning how to read, spell, and write like the other students? One of the greatest myths of leadership is that it all starts with a title. For those aspiring to become a principal, department chair, lead teacher, etc, leadership starts before you get the job. For the rest, you have the ability to lead from where you are. Our schools and our students need leadership, and you really are the perfect person for the job! Hear from PianoVentures composer and compiler Gina Sprunger as she talks through this graded piano curriculum of Patch favorites for children.

Enjoy live performances by Dr. Rochelle Achuff, Arcadia Ballroom 1 Providing a safe classroom environment and establishing excellent academic standards are important in a Christian school. However, teachers should also actively integrate biblical principles during the school day to draw students to God and to help them to develop proper biblical thinking.

Learn how to integrate biblical principles purposefully to make your teaching more effective and purposeful. Linda Norrell, Arcadia Ballroom 2 Depression can be emotional, spiritual, or physical and often is a combination.

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  • Christian school education defined.

How can we sort it out and get the help we need? As the teacher, you can assign and receive homework, give out feedback, and communicate with your students. This all sounds wonderful, but is it right for your classroom? How do you implement this kind of technology in your classes and how will your students react? My school implemented G Suite into our classrooms four years ago, and I would like to share with you what we have learned along the way.

We will discuss the benefits of using Google Classroom, how other applications can be used to enhance it, and what day-to-day life in a Google Classroom looks like. Practical suggestions for the classroom teacher of all grades.

What Jesus Himself Teaches About Salvation ‒ Mike Mazzalongo

A school yearbook provides a way for students to reflect on the school year beyond graduation. But it also is a way to advertise your school to your community. In this session we will learn how to organize your student staff to be the most productive in covering all school events and reflecting within the yearbook what your school represents.

Christian Vs. However, most of those students and parents don't understand the most important differences between secular and Christian education. This session will help you demonstrate the distinctive emphasis and value of Christian education. Assessment: Is There A Difference? Tammie Jacobs, Great Lakes 1 Evaluation of a student is difficult for the best teachers. This session deals with assessing students and determining grades for all subjects. Who Fears Diagramming? Do you yourself find the seemingly forgotten art of diagramming to be a bit intimidating?

If so, this workshop is for you, as it will not only explain the basics of diagramming but also its benefits for your students' grammar and writing skills. If diagramming is already part of your teaching, this workshop will assure you that you have made the right choice when you decided to teach your students diagramming. If, on the other hand, you are skeptical or fearful of diagramming, this workshop will hopefully encourage you to give diagramming a chance and watch how it will enrich your students' grammar and writing skills.

In fact, it is a calling to influence the lives of young people. In order to influence their lives, teachers need to learn the art of listening. Learn how to listen and communicate to your students so that you might have an effective teaching ministry. Without a purpose the study of history is boring. The goal of this class is to show how to learn and apply principles from studying what happened in the past and why it happened. We can avoid future mistakes from the right understanding of the past. Join me for a presentation on ideas to assist you as you teach critical thinking skills through a biblical worldview.

Montel Wilder, Glens 3 Exploration of the Universe proves a recent creation. A Template Approach. We will discuss the purpose of comments, as well as using templates and a well-thought-out plan to relieve that last minute stress. All of this will result in clearer communication and better relationships with parents.

Chapter 6: The Church School’s Contribution to Mental Health

Bruce Meyer, Prairies 5 This workshop explains the nature of life-dominating problems and provides biblical counsel on how to overcome them. Implement appropriate classroom procedures, strategies and instructional techniques to help guide learning activities and manage student behavior. We at Curriculum Trak have come up with a solution that has been embraced joyfully by many of our clients — we would like to share how our FLI tool has been a meaningful answer for teachers of all subjects.