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His interviews with people who were there are perhaps the most amazing.

The good and the bad. They are blunt interviews. People spoke their minds and Wehrheim listened. This life, while seemingly one about paradise, had its problems. People paid a price to be there. Some stayed only a short time, coming and going without notice.

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Others stuck around and even stayed after the camp was closed. They would not give those days up at Taylor Camp for all the money in the world. Perhaps it is. It is beautifully put together. And, really, he is the only man who could have told this story, because he was there. He saw it. He met the people of Taylor Camp.

He spoke to them, spent time with them. He got to know them. He felt the spirit that lived there. He knew he had to record what he witnessed.

"Taylor Camp — The Edge of Paradise"

It would be four decades before his project to tell the story of Taylor Camp was finished. Wehrheim makes it clear in his film, Taylor Camp was not paradise. But there were times it came close.

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If your comments are inappropriate, you may be banned from posting. To report comments that you believe do not follow our guidelines, send us an email. Hawaii News. Share this story. The four music montages carefully reflect a theme: those who have passed, the local community outside the camp, the family dynamic inside Taylor Camp, and the sad aftermath.

The technical credits are superb, as Stone neatly compartmentalizes the talking points, skillfully blends engaging talking head interviews with footage and photos, and adds appropriate uses of period music.

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Possibly the most outstanding achievement of The Edge of Paradise is that it makes Taylor Camp such a vivid, multi-faceted place. My parents were not a part of the counter-cultural movement and I was very much a s kid, but the concluding scenes of The Edge of Paradise , with its painful scenes of what is gone forever and how those who were there have moved on, carry a tremendous impact. Although set during the latter part of the 20th century, it all resonates clearly with life in America today.

As the opening montage recalls turmoil at Berkeley University, riots, police brutality, a counter-cultural uprising, and a highly controversial U. President, none of it seems at all dated. The late-in-the-documentary observation that Taylor Camp is now a state of mind to escape to rather than a physical place makes me consider just what the equivalent would be for me. When a location and community of friends changes our lives for the better, memories are the bridge to the places that are long gone but ever-present in the heart and soul.

The Edge of Paradise is about such a place and it is a complex look at a truly unique hale that many still recall as their home. A holiday to the most wonderful destinations in the entire world with your family and a gorgeous house you desire to buy. Is your current job truly able to fulfilling your ambitions?

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