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  1. Axe Throwing With ‘Ready Or Not’ Star Samara Weaving, This Summer’s Scream Queen
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The Harpoonist & the Axe Murderer - Get Ready (Official Video)

How sharp is the axe? Should I remove the limbs too? Should I cut and split the wood? Why just chop it down and leave it there? What if the tree is a sapling? Why would I need six hours to cut it down? Is six hours enough? For some of us, our tendency is to jump. The sooner we start, the sooner we finish … to the glory of God, right? So we spend two hours hacking at the tree with a dull axe.

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Then we stop chopping and sharpen the axe. Do we have enough time to finish the job? God has given each of us a task, a role, a mission to fulfill. Still, our reaction is the same — we jump. God calls. We jump!

Axe Throwing With ‘Ready Or Not’ Star Samara Weaving, This Summer’s Scream Queen

But did we jump in the right direction? You have six hours. Okay, he never told us to sharpen the axe. But did he have to tell us to sharpen a dull axe?

Come Check Out Our New Axe Throwing Lanes!

I believe that every calling of God must begin with a sharpening phase. The Bible is full of examples. Here are just three. Are you ready if God is ready to launch your calling? What is your calling? Are you ready in case God launches your calling today? Do what you can to prepare yourself.

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Combine that with what God is already doing in you. I admit to jumping ahead of God. How about you? Fast forward to Ready or Not 's Grace is blonde; grew up in a rough home as a foster kid; is sexually active with her husband Alex Le Domas Mark O'Brien ; and isn't facing just one slasher, but an entire family of villains out for her blood. She's a protagonist with no clear allies, and the Le Domas clan openly underestimates her abilities.

They believe that something very bad will happen to all of them if she's alive at the end of the night — but that there's little to no chance she'll emerge triumphant. They have power, and she doesn't.

She's probably heard that her whole life. And she has been in and out of foster care and probably had to fight for food and been treated the same way [there]. She can use that to her advantage. Grace, on the other hand, isn't using any the genre's conventions or stereotypes to her advantage as she fights to stay alive through the night. She's just the hero of an extremely out-there movie trying to survive in a very grounded way.

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She even uses the impractical outfit she's forced to fight and run in. Grace wears her white wedding gown throughout the film, but it doesn't stay pristine. She rips off strips of the garment to care for her injuries. Sometimes it even becomes a weapon — perhaps in a metaphor for the innocence she loses during the brutal wedding night. Grace is so happy to be marrying Alex at the beginning of the movie; by the end, she's let go of any illusions she had about her "special day.

Come Check Out Our New Axe Throwing Lanes! | Patriot Brew Thru and Axe Throwing

The dress comes in handy. And much like Grace, Weaving doesn't limit herself to one option. She gives one of the bigger axes a try. She gets a lesson in handling the larger weapon from the facility's coach Kevin Lamb, then steps into the lane guarded by a "Big Axe" safety chain and yellow cone. Weaving holds the longer handle, strides forward, and sends the blade tumbling below the target board. This axe is far heavier and more unwieldy than the others she's tried.