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By car: The most flexible way of travelling in Champagne is by car; this allows you access to smaller, more out-of-the-way destinations unreachable by train. The main station is in Reims, which links Champagne to the rest of the country. Hidden Gems Art fans should seek out the quaint village of Essoyes , the home and burial place of Pierre-Auguste Renoir and his son, the film director Jean.

The Forest of Orient , in the south of the region, is a natural paradise. The lakes in the middle are a haven for wildlife and an ideal spot for birdwatching. The Regional Natural Park offers camping, adventure sports and quiet villages in scenic surroundings.


Take a pair of binoculars to the wildlife park, where you might spot roe deer and wild boar. Watch crystal being shaped in the furnaces of Bayel , a village built around a glass industry, which began way back in the 14th century. The village is home to the Museum of Crystal , where you can admire the elegance and craftsmanship of the glass work.

You can also tour the factory where the delicate flutes are made.

E11: Champagne, Champagne for Everyone! - Reims, France

Ephemera associated with wedding days have been brought together in one eye-catching collection. The strange traditions of 19th-century weddings, such as waiting by the nuptial bed, make for an amusing and enlightening exhibit.

Champagne Region Map and Travel Guide

Thermal spas , typically excellent French cuisine and miles of empty footpaths in beautiful scenery await visitors to the province. The commune of Joinville is the best places for walkers, with numerous countryside trails leading off from here.

The Best Family-Friendly Activities in Champagne France is well served when it comes to amusement parks, and the Champagne region is no exception. As you can probably guess, this museum boasts a huge collection of classic cars โ€” and an even bigger collection of model automobiles to enjoy too. If you prefer to get wet instead of getting muddy, why not go on a boat trip?

If you want to get a really good look at the landscape of Champagne โ€” venerable vineyards and all โ€” head up to the skies. Reims is particularly good, with contemporary and classical art galleries and other historical gems on offer. It includes a fascinating and sobering collection of genuine relics too. Foie gras with passion fruit and orange and pepper ice cream are just two of the intriguing dishes you can expect. Dishes to Try in Champagne Boudin Blanc de Rethel was traditionally eaten at Christmas in Champagne, but thankfully you can now find this white sausage all year round.

Each butcher has their own sepecial recipe, so shop around and find your favourite!

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Fan of all things dairy? Similar to brie, it has a salty and slightly mushroom-like flavour. Owners Rachel and Alexis will show you around their small, independent vineyard, as well as highlighting other local treats. This tour will give you a chance to taste vintage Champagnes as well as Champagne produced from grapes in Premier and Grand Cru villages.

Champagne Travel Guide | Travel + Leisure

For groups of 9 or more, we will provide a coach, reserve the cellars and tasting visits, and help decide and book the best lunch experience within your budget. If you want more in depth knowledge, regional insights and local expertise, an experienced English speaking local guide will accompany you. You can choose from a half, full or overnight tour. Prior to this he lived in New York where Read About Us.

None of our group of 4 were champagne experts, so we wanted a day where we could learn about the history and process of making Champagne We were picked up at our Aribnb and transported to Reims for a couple champagne house tours and private lunch